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  • Forus leads the way towards greener mobility with the Forus Model

Forus leads the way towards greener mobility with the Forus Model

Norway’s largest business park, employing 45,000 people, is trying to reduce the use of cars. Through the Forus Model, they aim to change commuting habits.


With significant employment and commerce, Norway’s most prominent business park is keen on reducing car travel to their location. The Forus Model demonstrates that it is possible to effect change in how people commute. Reliable data on travel habits and engagement with affected communities are at the core of this initiative.

The transition to a greener daily routine is progressing slowly despite implementing effective measures such as improved cycling infrastructure, free bus travel, and increased toll rings. This is particularly critical for Stavanger, one of 112 European cities committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.


"Forus business park sets ambitious goals to achieve zero growth in car traffic, meet municipal climate objectives, and support Stavanger’s Net-Zero ambition. It’s a challenging task, but Forus has a unique opportunity to lead this transformation," says Stein Racin Grødem, CEO of the business park.


Stein Forus

The Forus Model

To address these challenges, Forus, in collaboration with It’s Tomorrow and Ducky, has developed the Forus Model. This innovative, evidence-based mobility plan enables the identification of areas for effective interventions, the implementation of these strategies, and the scaling of successful solutions in close cooperation with employees and the local community. Central to this model are data from Ducky, Kogenta, and Telia, which provide insights into climate and travel patterns for the area.

"To reduce private car use and increase the adoption of green transportation, we rely on access to accurate and up-to-date data. This allows us to adjust interventions dynamically to maximise impact with minimal inconvenience for those affected. This is essential for garnering support for our initiatives," emphasises Ronny Fiuren,
Strategic Business Developer at Forus Business Park.


Picture by Forus business park. Showing the park from the air.

It’s Tomorrow Develops a Detailed Mobility Plan for Forus. Initiatives are set to be trialled as early as summer 2024, with a significant early focus on encouraging more people to cycle, coinciding with the opening of major cycling superhighways to both Sandnes and Stavanger.

Simultaneously, a comprehensive data model is being finalised. This will offer a complete overview of travel to and from Forus, providing a foundation for accurately and continuously measuring the impact of these measures.

Join the change

Forus invites other business entities and Norwegian municipalities to embrace a similar data-driven and evidence-based approach. By exchanging knowledge and experiences across sectors and regions, we can collectively drive the rapid and necessary transition towards a more sustainable society.

Are you involved in shifting towards green mobility? Contact Mads Simonsen at mads@ducky.eco or call 975 51 576 for a friendly discussion about the opportunities for green transformation using comprehensive mobility data.

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