Groot the eco-kitten

Let's talk about pets, baby

Let's talk about you and me

Let's talk about all the good things

And the bad things that may be


Yes, let's talk about our cats, dogs and other hamsters we have. Because as pet lovers and owners, we actually have a tremendous carbon footprint, so it's about time we raise them in a more eco-friendly way. I don’t believe it’s time to eat the dog yet, but I was quite surprised to read that raising a cat had the same annual footprint as driving a small car.

I am the proud mom of a big kitten and we teamed up to live sustainably and happily ever after. His name is Groot and we recently decided to quit cat litter for environmental reasons.


For one cat, we buy and throw away 33 kg of litter every year. In France, the amount of waste is estimated around 400 millions kilos of litter per year. That’s a huge amount of garbage, isn’t it?

Add to this tremendous number, that cat litter is usually not sustainable: minerals used for the kitty toilets are not renewable. Some litters also emit small particles and can be harmful to both you and your furry prince’s health. Moreover, some litters that are treated with perfume produce harmful ashes when incinerated.

Since I adopted him, I got a second-hand box and used compostable vegetal-based litters to be as kind as possible to the environment but I decided to take it to another level. Because as Zero Waste specialists would say: it’s always better NOT to produce any waste, than treat the waste in a sustainable way.


All it takes is a kit to train your cat to use the toilet (second-hand is even more sustainable!). The concept is as follows: first the cat learns to hop on the bowl with a tray filled with litter. As you go through the steps, it has less and less litter. It takes around 8 weeks and quite a lot of balance but cats are feline tightrope walkers so it’s piece of cake!

First steps of training!

We waited until Groot was big enough to handle this Zero Waste responsibility. Then I told him about what would happen and that I believed in him (positivity and encouraging talks are very important for the process). And voilà!

Today, Groot goes to the toilet like a big boy and so will your furry friend if you chose to live this adventure!

Here is an image of my eco-kitten during the first step of his training.


Friends and family, who were first quite sceptical, followed the incredible potty training journey and are now interested in being more sustainable as well. Some for financial reasons, some for environmental ones but the result will be the same: less litter waste and contributing to a better environment. As the kit that I bought second-hand, it will be given to another cat for an even smaller carbon footprint!

With small paws comes great responsibility 🐾

Let's allow our pets to be our eco-buddies 🌍


Miyuki Monty

Climate Action