Halloween 2019

There were scarier things than ghosts and witches this Halloween...

We brought our most frightening climate costumes to the office this year to start some conversations. But what's the story behind them? Read what thoughts went into the making of these costumes:

Warning! The environment was not harmed in the making of any costume.

Climate Tourism


There are nice things out there to see, right? Better go see them before they vanish forever! Jump into a plane and travel the world... what harm could it do? There are only a few billion people like you traveling to see those wonders.


Black Carbon


The GHOST of a Californian Red Wood Tree, which burnt down last month. The "ghost" is angry black carbon on its way to the North Pole. 


Donald Trump


The man is the scariest thing I could ever think of when it comes to climate change. He is a real-life climate denier! And thanks to the Donald Trump effect, nothing is sacred any more. Even Greta Thunberg is mentioned in his Twitter feed. What more can I say, he is the worlds most frightening person!



Fishing faster than the poor fish stocks can replenish is not just a loss of fish. It removes essential predators from the food chain, kills dolphins and turtles in the process and threatens communities where fish is the main food source. That's pretty scary!

A Tired Bee


After reading Maja Lundes The Bees history, I realized how important the small creatures are - and that they are dying from the way we as humans treat the earth. So, I choose to dress up like a half-dead bee on pesticides. 

Plastic Boy


Plastic bag around your neck! This just might be the next fashion trend if we don’t take global warming and plastic pollution seriously!

Ocean Waste


If the effect of our actions on marine life were happening to humans do you think we would change?

Sea Turtle Populations Turning All Female


Global warming will affect us and the ecosystems we are part of in many sad ways. One effect is that researchers have found that sea turtles born in warmer water are more likely to be born as female.




My scariest nightmare is inequality with all its different shapes, sizes and colors! We cannot achieve sustainable development and make the planet better for all if people are excluded from opportunities, services, and the chance for a better life. All people have the right to ensure a life of dignity for all. After all, “the poorest and most vulnerable people and countries will suffer the most” so we need to back-up each other now!  


The Last Snow


Any proper Trønder (living and breathing the culture of Trøndelag) loves cross-country skiing. Ski wax flows through our veins. Sadly, winters are becoming shorter and soon we will have no snow at all. I can think of nothing scarier than the last proper winter. The last patch of snow ever to be seen here. 


Single-use Plastic Kings


Did you know that more than 380 million tons of plastic is produced annually in the world and that approx. half of that is produced for single use? If we keep this rate up, we will produce and use almost four times as much plastic as today by 2050. Let's stop living like single-use plastic kings.


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