Introducing Ducky for Transport

Is Your Company Asleep at the Wheel?

Over the past 4 years, we've worked with a number of companies to help them adopt sustainability into their core business strategies. And we're seeing a trend...

While businesses have increased the awareness of personal impact among their employees and customers with the Ducky Climate Challenge, it's not been married to their business strategy. That's why we are introducing the new Transport Module! 

With Ducky for Transport, companies can create a fast lane to reducing costs, time and emissions connected to work travels. By focusing on the Climate Challenge on one themed challenge you can give your employees a clearer target goal and link it directly to your core business strategy.

This way, teams can stay focused on what they do best while at the same time integrating sustainable transport habits.

A Strong Business Case Makes it Easier to Justify Corporate Commitment.

The main driver (pun intended) for businesses with strong sustainability strategies is the desire to preserve the environment. But for many companies, it is difficult to justify corporate commitment without a strong business case. If you don't have a clear understanding of the ROI's then justifying company expenditures on sustainability initiatives can prove a lot more difficult.

Many organizations might also view sustainability as either philanthropic or as a costly initiative - only delivering on 'soft' or 'intangible' results.

Sustainability leaders overcome this kind of organizational resistance by changing attitudes and behaviors. And it takes both time and management commitment to do this. But employees will gain a whole new way of thinking, and bring about change rather than resisting it.

If your organization want to start changing attitudes and behaviors in transport, then this is the product launch for you!

How Does the Transport Module Work?

The Transport Module aims at supporting employees to travel less and choose better transportation when they have to travel for work. Reduced costs, time and emissions are all benefits from running this in your company!

Transport Module

What's Included in the Package?

A simple form for baseline measurements.

A Transport Championship giving meaningful, hands-on involvement for employees while kicking-off communications on a new transport strategy.

An individual sustainability pledge where employees choose their wanted level of work travel reduction for a time-limited period. Ducky collects weekly data from employees using simple forms.

Project leaders receive statistics of how employees contribute to reduced carbon emissions over time, in a simple dashboard.



Many companies want to take the sustainable leap. They want to play a positive role environmentally and socially. They might even have declared sustainability their biggest priority. But sometimes they fail. Why? 

Sustainability efforts require a change in corporate culture and values. Doing so means not juxtaposing sustainability goals to business targets, but rather making them two parts of the same whole.

Want to Know How it Could Work in Your Organization?

We would love to walk you through a typical timeline, demo the product and answer any questions you might have regarding implementing this in your organization. Book a demo with us today! 

Astrid Norum

Climate Action