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Ducky Challenge

See how the Ducky Challenge can build your sustainability profile

With the 'At Work' Challenge, you can integrate sustainability into your core operations and foster a culture of environmental responsibility.

In an era where climate action is increasingly urgent, we are thrilled to finally introduce 'At Work' as a new theme in the Ducky Challenge. This work-related theme offers a simpler, more playful approach to sustainability in the workplace. Discover how 'At Work' can enhance your company’s sustainability culture, attract talent and investors, and position you as a company committed to climate responsibility.

First, a brief introduction: What is the Ducky Challenge?

The Ducky Challenge is an engaging, digital competition designed to promote climate responsibility in organisations by demonstrating the environmental impact of daily actions. Set up competitions quickly and easily, and invite your employees to enjoy fun, educational, and effective team building!

With the Ducky Challenge, businesses can easily integrate sustainability into their core operations, enhance their sustainability profile, and foster a culture of environmental responsibility.

Read more about the Ducky Challenge here

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We introduce a new Challenge: 'At Work'

'At Work' represents an exciting new theme within the Ducky Challenge, specifically designed to engage employees through competition to reduce the company’s emissions while at work.

While the Ducky Challenge already offers a variety of activities to promote sustainable behaviour, 'At Work' stands out with its particular relevance for job-related team building. You work together to reduce the company’s indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

By competing in 'At Work', you highlight the importance of collective actions and encourage a work environment where sustainable choices become part of everyday life. This is perfect for organisations looking for innovative ways to strengthen their sustainability profile.

Challenges and opportunities

In modern working life, many companies face the challenge of engaging and involving employees in the corporate sustainability strategy and its associated actions. We observe that establishing a strong sustainability culture and profile can be demanding, often associated with high costs and challenges in motivating staff.

Furthermore, several sustainability managers express a sense of isolation in their efforts to involve colleagues and management in environmental initiatives. Despite the difficulties in engagement, we strongly support continued efforts, as we see that engaged and climate-aware employees are an invaluable resource. They can positively contribute to both internal and external environmental initiatives, promote innovation, and bring new ideas to achieve the company’s climate goals.

Gain the benefits of engaged employees and a sustainable corporate culture

The Ducky Challenge is designed to build climate engagement through a playful method promoting sustainable actions. Thus, it becomes a cost-effective and time-efficient solution by turning sustainability into something simple, fun, and inclusive.

With the activities within the new 'At Work' theme, climate education becomes visual and engaging while also informative, demonstrating the climate impact of daily actions. Using the Ducky Challenge and 'At Work' in your organisation can improve your company's environmental profile and strengthen team spirit while taking climate action every day. This strategy benefits not only the planet but also the long-term success of your business by attracting and retaining talented employees who value a strong commitment to the environment.

So, why not unite the whole company around your sustainability strategy in an entertaining and inclusive way, making sustainability a collective responsibility?

Let your sustainable, solid profile help you attract the right people

In an era where consumers, employees, and investors are increasingly looking for companies that take their climate responsibilities seriously, the Ducky Challenge stands out as a highly relevant resource for any forward-thinking organisation. With the 'At Work' competition, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions within scopes 2 and 3 today and build awareness for long-term climate action. It can help you attract and retain employees who highly value sustainability and want to work for an organisation that reflects their values. Integrate sustainability and climate responsibility into your company's DNA and secure your position as an attractive employer for today’s environmentally conscious job seekers.

Therefore, distinguish yourself now in a competitive marketplace by clearly demonstrating your commitment to the environment and society, as well as to the workplace.

Would you like to try an 'At Work' competition?

If you are looking for innovative ways to enhance your organisation's sustainability profile while building a stronger team and a more meaningful corporate culture, then 'At Work' is perfect for you.

Contact us below or at sofie@ducky.eco to see how 'At Work' and the Ducky Challenge can help your business achieve its internal climate goals!


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