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Ducky Challenge

The MEATigation Project

A reduction in Western meat consumption is critical for respecting planetary boundaries, ensuring global food security, and improving human and animal health. However Europeans are reluctant to reduce their meat consumption, especially in the Nordic regions. This is because meat is not just calories: It is culture.


This quote is the basis of the MEATigation Project. Educating people on their climate footprint and teaching them how to reduce it is the basis of what Ducky does, which is why joining this exciting project was an easy decision to make! We know that the people’s culture influences their attitude to sustainability, and needs to me taken into consideration when figuring out how to help consumers reduce their carbon emissions.

MEATigation brings together eleven researchers in Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts throughout Norway, the UK and the Netherlands, along with nine partners and associates working within food production, food provision, culture and communication. Exploring how meat is embedded in Norwegian food practices and identifying ways to promote sustainable meat-use in Norway is the main objective of the project.

Our team at Ducky were involved in a brainstorming session with MEATigation's project leader Dr. Sophia Efstathiou from the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at NTNU (Faculty of Humanities) and Øyvind Kvarme from Trondheim Kunstmuseum Gråmølna. We got on board with the project, setting up a Ducky Challenge as a part of their exhibition More Meat Less Meat, simply called the More Meat Less Meat Challenge.

This Challenge is unique because it offers only sustainable food choices from the palette of our sustainable activities. We developed and implemented 3 brand new food activities for the sake of the project: 

Activities (1)

The More Meat Less Meat…challenge is open to everyone and is finishing on the 1st of May! Therefore you still have some days to attend and try out some sustainable food activities, mostly connected with meat consumption. Most importantly, you would get to know your personal food climate impact! All you have to do is click on this link and join the team you wish. 

Join the challenge, go to More Meat Less Meat exhibition if you are around Trondheim Kunstmuseum Gråmølna and learn about The MEATigation project

Screenshot from 2023-04-27 14-46-13


About Bogdan Glogovac

Bogdan is an expert in environmental communication. He has an environmental science background and particularly strong communication skills, honed through six years of media experience, Bogdan is an indispensable resource for the promotion of Ducky. His mission is to be out there as a networking face of our projects and mission. He opens the door to finding and converting major organisations into customers. Bogdan is a member of an improvisation theater group in Trondheim. He’s really funny too!!