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Ducky Challenge

Why Upheads joins the Norwegian climate competition year after year

Discover what drives Upheads to participate in the Norwegian Climate Competition, fostering a tradition of sustainability and team spirit.

Upheads is going for gold again! The IT company entered the Norwegian Climate Competition, organised by Future in Our Hands, for the third time. The goal is to have Norway’s most climate-friendly employees. With seven offices scattered across Norway and a new addition of team members in Malmö, Sweden, over 240 individuals now guide their clients towards more sustainable IT solutions and operations. This requires knowledgeable and committed staff.

"Participating in the Climate Competition each spring has become a tradition for us. People actually come up and ask when it starts," says Ann Katrin Rege, Invoice team leader and eco-lighthouse manager at Upheads. "There’s been a lot of buzz about our previous participations. The talk fills the corridors and the lunchroom, and everyone involved is highly motivated. Those who missed out last year are on board this year, and there's a great spirit of friendly competition among the teams," elaborates Ann Katrin. The blend of team building, climate education, and culture enhancement has been a crucial reason for Upheads’ annual participation in the Climate Competition.



Upheads also won in 2023; here, Åsta from Future in Our Hands presents a prize to Aleksander Kronberg-Moe, Department Manager at Upheads Oslo.

Upheads' sustainability journey

Upheads is an IT provider, serving as the IT department for numerous small and medium-sized enterprises. Training employees in climate and environmental issues is a great step towards achieving the goal of delivering more sustainable IT solutions, making them influential advisors to clients.

They are well on their way, taking several significant steps to reduce operational impact. As an Environmental Lighthouse-certified company, they have switched to electric company cars, relocated their servers to Green Mountain and transitioned to renewable energy across all locations. Additionally, Upheads actively promotes a healthy work environment and takes social responsibility through annual charity fundraisers, sponsorship of children's and youth sports, and the organisation of both social and alcohol-free events for employees and their families. Through digital meetings, targeted waste sorting and litter picking as a social activity, Upheads demonstrates a comprehensive approach to sustainability. They also focus on continuous training and raising awareness about environmental issues, serving as a shining example of how sustainability can be integrated into every facet of an organisation. 

We were curious and asked them how participating in the Climate Competition contributes to training and awareness about climate and environmental issues at Upheads. The answer was clear:

"Since everything is based on facts, those who are already engaged don't need to convince others that small actions help. It also puts climate and environmental issues on the agenda, which is very important for a company that is above average in its commitment to these concerns."

Many employees have adopted new everyday habits by testing new daily activities in the competition. More are cycling to work than before, which also contributes to better health and often economic savings. More employees are experimenting with vegetarian meals during the competition periods than previously, while others have introduced energy-saving measures like lowering the temperature at night. Ann Katrin highlights Sven Martin, who started cycling to work for the first time when Upheads participated in the Climate Competition in 2021 and has stuck with it since. She also tells us about Kristine, the marketing manager at Upheads: "She fills her pram with both children and groceries to walk to the store – that's green effort in practice!"

IMG_5734  FullSizeRender
Photos by Upheads. 

The Ducky Challenge is the game used in the Climate Competition. It gives each participant tangible insights into how small personal actions can reduce daily greenhouse gas emissions, fostering an environmentally conscious work culture. In this digital game, participants record their activities and can directly see the impact these actions have on global emissions. Therefore, the game is great for raising awareness about climate change.

Why participate in the Climate Competition?

Ann Katrin shares that the competition positively influences the strong corporate culture at Upheads. They found that dividing teams across different departments and teams was a successful strategy within their organisation. It allows employees who do not typically interact on a daily basis to connect and share ideas in an informal and fun way. "It generates much positive energy, and we see that cross-departmental teams foster dialogue among people who do not usually work together," says Ann Katrin. Thus, the Climate Competition is a sustainability activity and a team-building exercise that encourages dialogue and collaboration across the organisation's structures.

"Why do we recommend it to others? Because it's simple, engaging, and fun," replies Ann Katrin Rege. The Climate Competition facilitates collective participation and helps place climate and environmental issues on the agenda playfully and educationally. The long-term effect we observe is that our employees are more open to seeking improvements, better equipped to guide our clients, and proud to deliver more sustainable IT solutions.

Interested in trying a Competition in your company or competing against other companies in Norway?

Contact us to learn more, or read about the Ducky Challenge here


Happy colleagues at Upheads are celebrating their litter-picking haul! Image: Upheads.






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