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Ducky Challenge

New Challenge! Let your employees reduce emissions in the workplace

Discover the 'At Work' Challenge—reduce workplace emissions in line with GHG Protocol scopes 2 and 3 at work!

It's finally here! We have now launched a new theme in the Ducky Challenge that helps you reduce emissions in the workplace. This initiative is inspired by the wishes, ideas, and suggestions from our valued customers and partners, and we now invite you all to build a relevant, strong sustainability culture at your workplace with engaging competitions. Want to talk to us? Click here.

Engage your employees at work

To achieve your climate goals, everyone must be involved—and for people to join the sustainability journey, a focus on knowledge and awareness is essential. At the same time, sustainability officers often find it challenging to engage people in courses and awareness campaigns. This is where the Ducky Challenge comes in as a perfect solution.

With the Ducky Challenge 'At Work', you can inspire employees to reduce the company's indirect greenhouse gas emissions (scopes 2 and 3) during work hours in a fun and engaging game. With an average participation rate of 60-85%, we are confident that your employees will be engaged.

So, why not incorporate climate psychology, communication theories, advanced climate data, and calculations into a simple, playful, and intuitive competition? Simplify the complexity, and provide access to information, insights, and data in a manner that everyone can understand. This method fosters awareness and knowledge in a truly engaging way. 

Read more about Ducky Challenge here.

Compete and observe the impact

Try it and see how the discussions change around the coffee machine, the number of bikes parked outside increases, electricity consumption decreases in several rooms and the demand in the canteen shifts towards greener alternatives. Questions like "Why does avoiding a physical meeting and opting for a digital one save so much CO2e?" suddenly become a topic of conversation at lunch.

Even better: watch how the company's indirect emissions decrease over time. Monitor electricity usage, the number of business trips, and the number of cars in the parking lot before and after a competition period—and see how climate-aware and knowledgeable employees help to reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions within scopes 2 and 3.

Magic? Yes! Perhaps that's why so many asked about it.

Why should you prioritise this? Here are three top-of-mind reasons:

  1. Build a responsible sustainability culture that attracts new talent and satisfies the demands of both new and existing investors.

  2. Actively demonstrate climate responsibility and show with data how employees collaboratively work towards the company's climate and ESG goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  3. Provide inspiring sustainability training that truly engages the majority at work with a solution that is simple, cost-effective, and time-saving.

Why is it important to build a sustainability culture?

Companies with a robust sustainability culture enjoy numerous advantages. Firstly, they are better positioned in the race to attract new employees. It's essential that a company has a clear sustainability strategy and that its culture reflects this when the next generation selects its future employer. Secondly, such companies find it easier to engage their employees in efforts to improve the company’s environmental footprint. Thirdly, companies are more attractive to new investors when they require increased capital. Based on this, companies should prioritise building a strong sustainability culture, starting with their employees.

A game based on advanced research and theory

Both the Ducky Challenge and the 'At Work' Challenge are developed based on climate data and research within psychology and communication theory. They are all wrapped up in a user-friendly, intuitive, and positive format. This makes it simple and inspiring to take steps towards climate action. Let us help you demystify sustainability. It's what we do best.

Make sustainability a collective responsibility

Let’s value both small and large climate initiatives, strengthen corporate culture, and reduce emissions more quickly together. Contact us today to discover how you can get started with the world's simplest game - based on complex data but simplified for everyone.

Get started today!

We would love to talk to you. Reach out using the button below or via email at sofie@ducky.eco.


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