Xynteo Exchange

The Great Moment of Inspiration.

Ducky was invited to join Xynteo’s Exchange event for the second time in a row.

For those who don’t know - The Xynteo Exchange is a cross-industry, cross-sector platform for connecting ideas, talent, and capital to create new growth and new opportunities. This event is organized once a year in Oslo and it always attracts significant participants from all over the world.

This year the Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg, some of the most important business leaders in the industry and the former President of Mexico Felipe Calderón were among the participants. 49 amazing impact solutions (50 with Ducky) and even Sophia Hanson - a social humanoid robot. They were all there!

Besides promoting our solution at Xynteo’s Marketplace, I had the opportunity to co-facilitate an open innovation workshop. Hosted by Nordea the topic was: How can we better communicate to customers the contribution their investments make to the SDGs? In simpler words: How do you engage people to invest responsibly?

Now Keep in Mind. This Was Not a Typical Workshop.

Every participant was carefully selected to shape the group's diversity and ensure dynamics that work! From young entrepreneurs like us to experienced investors, non-profit organizations and Heads of Investments in Nordea bank. And finally: Johan H. Andresen - owner of Ferd - a family-owned Norwegian investment company committed to value-creating by supporting mainly social entrepreneurship.

Thankfully, I was reminded for the 100th time that even all these “super important” people are… Just normal, everyday people wanting to create positive impact.

The workshop was split into two days of work where we identified the problem on day 1, and the potential solutions on day 2. So, what was the main problem? Disengagement. And what was the solution? Getting outside the comfort zone!

Challenging investors with fully transparent funds. Seeking passion first, then profit. Changing rhetoric of doom and gloom into positive thinking and optimism. Building trust between banks and impact investors. Some great proposals to develop and test solutions were born. But I have to say. More than anything...

...I felt so proud to be acknowledged, as a member of Ducky, to have both the expertise and experience in the topic of sustainability engagement. I think this is what it was all about at the end of the day. Acknowledgment for commitment. And it feels good. It always does.  

How did it feel to be at Xynteo? What happened in the 36 Hours of "High Voltage Ideas, Talents, and Experiences"?

Well, to tell you the truth, it went as you would expect. Impeccable production. Theatrical intro performances. Grand topics of solving some of the biggest challenges of humanity. Relevant speakers on the most relevant topics.

But one moment of true inspiration stood out from the whole show. Sasja Beslik. Head of Group Sustainable Finance at Nordea posed a question to the audience. 450 of us close our eyes and think of just one thing. Our personal, most precious, most important thing in the whole world. 

After 10 seconds of silence, he finally asked us: “How many of you thought of money? Raise your hand.” Nobody did.

Bogdan Glogovac

Climate Action